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Reviews for Healing Path of Rockford

“Health has Improved Dramatically”

I feel as though my health has improved dramatically since beginning my journey to wellness with Dr. Christine Leonard. For a long time my activities of daily living were compromised due to chronic back pain and I was incapable of doing what I wanted because of the pain I was experiencing. Because she is so thorough with the scans/she was able to pinpoint my areas of difficulty.

Through adjustments/acupuncture great vitamins and probiotics I am feeling so much better. Also,when I have stressed my back too much she has taught me how to work through the discomfort with a tennis ball.

~ Tawny R

“I can’t Thank Dr. Christine Enough”

testimonialsI cannot say enough about the care I received from Dr. Christine! I originally came in to see her for what I thought chiropractors help people with, back and neck pain. Surprisingly, she was able to help me with so much more!

I suffered for years with some pretty gnarly digestive issues. Dr. Christine introduced me to acupuncture. It was a lifesaver.

I even started bringing in my teenage children to see her. Especially my girls, who don’t have the easiest time with their cycles. What a difference it has made. I can’t thank Dr. Christine enough.

~ Veronica K

“A Multifaceted Approach”

Dr Christine has made a great difference in my life. Before beginning treatment I was under the care of a different chiropractor but was not feeling any change in the amount of pain I was in.

Dr Christine used a multifaceted approach to treat my back and neck with great results. I now can enjoy living an active life. Dr Christine has a balanced approach to health and I would highly recommend her.

~ Hannah B

“Total Body Approach”

Chiropractic care that is all encompassing. A total body approach to healing aligned with my values and lifestyle choices.

~ Jamie W

“Comfortable with the Whole Experience”

I felt very comfortable with the whole experience, from the initial consult to the exam. Detailed answers were given to my questions and I didn’t feel as though I was just taking up someone’s time. I look forward to my next appointment and to feeling better soon.

~ Silvia M

“Palmer College Alumni”

From my first visit at Dr Christine’s clinic I felt confident & comfortable. Her medical knowledge, attentiveness, & professionalism is refreshing & welcomed. Dr Christine is a Palmer College Alumni Chiropractor and Certified Acupuncturist which are my personal alternative medicine preferences. Looking forward to future visits.

~ Jodi C

“She Uses the Latest Technology”

I enjoy going to Healing Path! Dr. Leonard is extremely professional. She uses the latest technology and is very educated in her field. She has eliminated my lower back pain, significantly reduced my migraines, and improved my posture greatly. Looking forward to my next visit! :)

~ Bronte B

“Now the Whole Family Goes…”

Love, Love, Love Dr. Christine and all of her staff!! I started out going for lower back pain and leg weakness and I am doing so much better now!! Now the whole family goes and I wish we would have started a long time ago!! You guys are the best!! Thank you so much!!

~ Amanda O

“Both Mom & Baby Leave Happy”

I was hesitant to bring my 2 month old to a chiropractor in the beginning. After seeing Dr. Leonard, I wish I would’ve came in sooner! The office is very comfortable and the staff are so great with my daughter. Her tummy trouble and fussiness have gotten so much better since she’s been getting adjusted. Both mom & baby leave happy every time. Highly recommend!

~ Tanya W

“Her Adjustments are what got me to be able to go into Labor Naturally”

Dr Leonard is a wonderful doctor and person! I greatly appreciate all of her help and advice while getting massages and adjustments while I was pregnant. I truly feel, her adjustments are what got me to be able to go into labor naturally, without being induced. She also helped come up with a care plan that worked for me and my money-that was amazing! Dr. Christine truly cares about her patients and the entire staff is always very kind and friendly. I haven’t yet, but I look forward to taking our baby in for adjustments in the future and my son if I can ever convince him it doesn’t hurt!

~ Rachael R

“I Wouldn’t Take my Family Anywhere Else”

Dr. Leonard and everyone in the office provides excellent care! They are extremely kind and are genuinely caring about their patients. I wouldn’t take my family anywhere else! I can’t thank this office enough for what they do!

~ Paige K

“It Has Been A Game Changer!”

I highly recommend healing path of Rockford!! My daughter Aydah starting going when she was 4 months old!! My pediatrician diagnosed her with torticollis in her neck, flat head, and she had constipation issues. My husband and I did some research and decided to check out chiropractic. Aydah has been going for a little over a month now and she has full range of motion back in her neck, She will sleep on the opposite side of her head, she no longer will need a helmet for her flat spot, she is no longer constipated , and she is sleeping 10-12 hours a night! It has been a game changer!

~ Libby E

If I Could Go Back, I Would Have Had Both My Babies Adjusted Right After Birth!

Ford was a very fussy baby from day 1 in this big world. He was very colicky and would cry for hours on end with no relief. He had very painful gas, trouble with feedings, choking, coughing, and large amounts of spit up all day long. His doctors diagnosed him with GERD (reflux) at 6 weeks old. We had some friends who were persistent on us seeking Chiropractic care for him, which I was hesitant of but ultimately our child was still in pain/having issues so we decided to give it a try. I sought out Healing Path of Rockford after reading great reviews on Dr. Leonard and her specialization in infant care.

From the first visit with Dr. Leonard, I couldn’t say enough good things about Chiropractic and her care. After just one visit/adjustment Ford was experiencing relief from some of his symptoms. Dr. Leonard did a thorough exam of him and did very well explaining everything for me to understand. I called my husband right after the appointment in shock. Ford was crying frantically and the minute Doc adjusted him, his body relaxed immediately from relief. As weeks went on and we continued Chiro care, Ford became the happy baby that we knew he was meant to be. He was no longer colicky or having pain with his gas or spit up. Dr. Leonard was still insistent that we contact a lactation consultant to have an evaluation for lip and tongue tie. I never had pain with breastfeeding and he was gaining weight, so I was told it wasn’t necessary but we decided to take Dr. Leonard’s advice and decided to make the appointment with a lactation consultant. She came to our house and examined Ford and also suggested we make an appointment with a pediatric dentist, who ultimately diagnosed his lip and tongue tie. We moved forward and had them both released. He is doing even better now after the release. It has been such a success that myself, my husband, and my daughter all see Dr. Leonard now.

If you know anyone or if your baby is having any of these issues don’t hesitate to seek Dr. Leonard’s care and advice. My first daughter had all these same issues when she was a baby and my fear/not knowing held me back from seeking help. If I could go back, I would have had both my babies adjusted right after birth!

~ Kelsey M


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