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About Us

In 2016, Dr. Christine Leonard opened her dream practice in her hometown of Rockford. In practice since 2010, she sees patients of all ages and has a particular interest in the pediatric and pregnant populations. It’s her passion to provide patients with alternative ways to get on a path to optimum healing and health, in turn enhancing their quality of life. In 2023, Dr Alena Eitenmiller joined the Healing Path team and offers the same great care to families and has a special emphasis working with atheletes.

“Our mission is to help to minimize and remove the thoughts, traumas and toxins from a person’s environment through noninvasive means without the use of drugs or surgery. This is will allow the body to function at its peak potential.”


Eliminating the Three T’s

At Healing Path of Rockford, we want to help you eliminate the thoughts, traumas and toxins that are negatively impacting your health and help you make better decisions about your lifestyle choices.

  • Thoughts: Though it’s not always possible to control the stressors that come into our lives, how our body handles them is what makes the difference. As they say, stress “kills” and plays a major role on not only our physical well-being but also our mental well-being. There are many natural options to help people cope with stress. When we are successfully able to do this we leave ourselves less prone to illness and disease and more available to enjoy the life we were designed to live.
  • Toxins: From the air we breathe to the water we drink, toxins are unfortunately everywhere. What we’re exposed to in the environment isn’t always in our control, but it has a profound effect on how our body operates. Various environmental toxins can all have a cumulative effect on our body’s health.
  • Traumas: Major traumas can include car accidents or sports-related injuries. Minor traumas can come from something as simple as sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours a day, which can have a devastating effect on the spine. At Healing Path of Rockford, we’ll teach you about postural changes as well as ways to keep your body moving better.

Providing More Than Pain Relief

Though chiropractic is effective when it comes to pain relief, it also helps improve overall function. The nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body, if it is unable to work properly due to any of the 3T’s, the body will start to express it’s disharmony in the form of symptoms. Gradually the body will begin to breakdown and malfunction due to this nerve interference.

Chiropractic has tremendous value, and my hope is that patients will recognize that and not only feel better but acknowledge that their bodies function better.” Dr. Christine Leonard

Think about what happens to a car if the oil gets low or never gets changed. A change oil light will appear warning you, if it doesn’t get corrected the car will gradually start to wear down causing the engine to eventually seize. The oil in your engine. Water in the desert. And a pressure free nervous system. They’re all vital. Without them, someone or something is going to be in big trouble.

Dr. Leonard finds it rewarding to see how Chiropractic can positively impact a person’s life through functional improvements not just symptomatic relief.

Discover how great you can feel with natural Chiropractic care. Contact us today for an appointment!

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